Q&A with Head Chef, Terry


What attracted you to working at Thyme?Thyme Cafe has a great reputation for good food and a friendly atmosphere.

Where’s home? I grew up in Stevenage but have lived in Sheffield for 14 years. I’ve now settled in Sheffield and we’re bringing up our 3 children here.

What’s your favourite meal? Sirloin steak, peppercorn sauce and chips.

What is your tipple of choice? Generally I like lager but I am also partial to a good single malt.

How do you relax? Watching sports.

Tell us something about yourself nobody would know?  I used to play chess for Herts County.

Any funny stories about chefs? I once worked with a chef who spent a lot of money on a bike to do a triathlon without realising it involved swimming. He couldn’t swim.
Best meal ever? Christmas dinner with the family.

Where is your all time favourite holiday destination? We had an amazing honeymoon in Kenya. I’d love to go back there.

What does the future hold? I look forward to continuing my work at Thyme Cafe, creating and serving great dishes.

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