The Cafe has been lucky enough to have some truly talented individuals on it’s books over the years. Here, we talk to the current General Manager, Carl Grayson.

You’ve been working at Thyme Cafe a long time, what makes it special to you?The ethos of the Cafe and it’s implementation fits perfectly with my way of working. Every day is different - the menu is ever-changing and the pace of service is rapid, which can be challenging, but is something I really enjoy. The relaxed atmosphere combined with the exceptionally high standards of food and service makes Thyme Cafe my ideal job.

Where’s home for you?
Home is now Norton Lees in Sheffield - I have lived here for 15 years, but I am originally from Salford. I am yet to pick up any trace of a Sheffield accent (much to my wife’s irritation!)

What’s your favourite meal?
A roast lamb Sunday dinner, cooked with rosemary and garlic and served with all the trimmings. Also I am quite partial to a Chinese takeaway.

What is your tipple of choice?
Red wine. Current favourites are Italian Amarone and Argentinian Malbec.

How do you relax ..?
Spending time with the family, playing snooker and pool and, of course, watching my beloved Manchester United.

Tell us something about yourself nobody would know?
My daughter was born in December 2010 during the very snowy weather and, due to a variety of circumstances, I ended up delivering her at home, unplanned with no medical assistance. A terrifying but ultimately amazing experience. I was very happy to see the ambulance team!

Any funny stories about chefs?
While most chefs are calm, intelligent creatures, I have encountered a few individuals who I would best describe as not being full shillings. One such character who I worked with in Manchester sent out a huge selection of parma ham wrapped starters for a Bar Mitzvah, which didn’t go down too well.

Best meal ever?
A perfect steak during a holiday to California in the Napa Valley. 

Where is your all time favorite holiday destination?
Las Vegas. An awesome place filled with fantastic memories as it is where Liz and I got married in 2004. 

Matthew Wood